Introducing Lisa

Lisa started writing stories at the age of four. These stories she wrote in a black notebook, starting at the bottom of the page and writing up. As a child Lisa spent many hours reclining on a bean bag in the local library, and this is where she first encountered  Robinson Crusoe, Laura Ingalls Wilder, A Princess ofMars, Frodo Baggins, Will Stanton and many, many, many others.

In her spare time, Lisa would wander the forest. This was where the stories came alive: the moss-covered rocks were hunkering trolls turned to stone by the sun, the mist floating over the meadows were the fay dancing to enchant her off the path, and the trees were crooked witches grasping after her as soon as she turned her back on them. 

At the age of ten Lisa published her first poem in the local paper, and shortly afterwards she came third in a short story competition. At the same time her reading list grew, as did her diary entries, in which she did her best to enlarge the details of her life. Because all that reading had shown her that the world was so much bigger than her fairytale forest, and she longed for fewer trees and more people. 

At 19 she set sail for England where she studied Russian and Linguistics at Sussex University, then proceeded to an MA in Translation Studies at Surrey University. Between translation projects and raising three children with her bagpipe-playing husband she took moments to write.

Since then she has published several children’s books in her native Swedish as well as her first novel in English. Lisa is represented by Intersaga Literary Agency and her books are published by époque press, Beta Pedagog and Kikkuli Förlag. Twice a year though, she still returns to the forest of her childhood where she pats the moss on the sleeping trolls and lets the mist tempt her off the path.