My Store of Preserves ‒ The Dawntreader, Issue 43

Cooking Up a Storm Serves Up to 10 billion ‒ The Dawntreader, Issue 47

The Shape of Grass – The Dawntreader, Issue 52

Flash Fiction

The Crow of My Dreams ‒ The 52 Crows Project, illustrated by Bonnie Helen Hawkins

A Fear of Ladders ‒ 2nd Prize in the Writers' HQ Flash Fiction Competition

Sleepless Nights ‒ Long-listed for the Reflex Flash Fiction Competition

Short Fiction

The Colony ‒ Dark Mountain Project Issue 9 (Sold Out, although downloadable PDF is still available)

The Moss Child ‒ The Forgotten and The Fantastical 4

The Moss Child ‒ Best of British Fantasy, 2018

To Breathe is to Scream ‒ époque press é-zine

Exonerves ‒ Wild Women

Blue – Villains